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  • From Sabi Baral on Your comments

    Another project from Malgorzata Bonikowska, the journalist who so ably conducted the meeting with me at the Consulate General in Toronto a couple weeks ago. Today, her team launched POLcast — an English language weekly podcast about Poland. Culture, profiles of interesting people and places, history, curiosities…. everything except for politics.
    Considering her other passionate work, the POLcast project, first of its kind, promises to be informative, clever, and of value.

  • From Walter Pomaranski on Your comments

    Translated from Polish:
    Polcast is terrific! Something fantastic. I listened to the first episode. In a few days our kids are coming to visit us – both are computer specialists from the Silicon Valley, senior engineers in huge companies. We are preparing for them a real fest – listening to all the Polcast episodes. Our son-in-law doesn’t speak Polish, although he’s trying to learn and has learned a lot. He is great and this will be a great treat for him. He is interested in everything Polish, not only piegories (mentioned on Polcast). Polcast is fantastic for people of all generations. Chanes of topics, with music in between and what great music too! It all makes it so interesting that one doesn’t notice that half an hour has gone by. You deserve Golden Eagles (Polish equivalent of Oscars) for the idea and content! (…)

  • From Michelle Dabrowski on Your comments

    Congratulations on POLcast:) I can’t wait to listen from Australia.

  • From Richard Murzin on Your comments

    What a great job you have done! The podcast is very upbeat and breezy and I so look forward to listening in as you move forward. (I made sure to add myself to the subscription service.)

    All the best

  • From Katy Carr on Your comments

    Hi, great! ☺

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